Young teenage redhead girl walking down a street in autumn.

Fall Self Care Ideas

Fall Self Care for Teens

With pumpkin season upon us, we can look forward to gorgeous foliage, brisk weather, and all those delicious fall flavors. But this time of year means that not only are the colors changing, but often our emotions, too. As the sunshine starts to fade into the cloudy cold, this can bring down the mood of teens susceptible to weather patterns. Not to mention, with the school year in full swing, students might be experiencing the added stress of adjusting to a new workload. So to keep your teen from feeling blue, we say bring on the orange. As we spice up our decor and our lattes, it’s time to spice up life too! Here are our favorite mental health activities for teens to soak up the magic of autumn while practicing fall self care. 

Wintry Walks

As temperatures begin to wane, you can welcome the winter by getting your teen off the couch and taking off on a brisk walk. Grab some warm and cozy clothes, like a scarf, heavy coat, and some comfy boots and head out and enjoy all the beauty winter has to offer. Teach your teen to take care of their well-being, by embracing the weather changes and absorbing the wonders of nature around them. As you walk along, take time to practice mindfulness. Keep your eyes peeled for a pile of leaves or notice the colors of the trees changing. Get ready to stroll into relaxation!

Autumn Action

Gather the family or their friends for classic fall activities for teens, kids, and adults alike. Visit a pumpkin patch, go apple picking, find a corn maze, or take a hayride! Not only will you all have fun, but it will be a chance to get a welcome distraction from the stressors of life to simply enjoy the seasonal specialties.

Spiced Snacks

Fall is a time where everyone can indulge in the spices of the season! Get out the oven mits and baking sheets, and get ready to add some pumpkin to any seasonal snack — like cookies, pie, or cakes. For healthy options use autumn ingredients like root vegetables and warming spices to create immune building soups and stews. While you are at it, sip on something warm, like tea, coffee, or cider and add some apple or pumpkin pie spices. Our favorite pick? Hot apple cider tea! Give it a try, and wait a few seconds for the smiles to load. 

Go for the Good

A wonderful way to practice self-care with your teens, is actually to teach them to give back to others. When you pay it forward by helping someone in need, it actually helps us take the focus off of ourselves (and our daily stresses and struggles), and puts our attention on those who need our help. Volunteering at a soup kitchen, spending some quality time with people in assisted living facilities, or working in an animal shelter are all great ways to practice self-care. 

Rest and Relax

Sometimes all it takes is a little extra Zs. Grab your teen to cuddle up on the couch with cozy pajamas and soft blankets. If you have access to a fireplace (real or virtual), light a log or some candles and warm up the room. Close your eyes and listen to the peaceful crackle, or make some smores for some fireside fun! Kick back with a good book, their favorite movie or show, have a chat, or simply sit and nap. Whatever way you choose, you are in for a restful and relaxing moment that is sure to help your teen’s mood.  

At Tilly’s Life Center, our mission is for teens to live up to their full potential as happy, healthy, and productive members of society. Part of living well is feeling well, and we know that fall self care is one step towards feeling at peace, especially for teens working through the difficult challenges of growing up. That’s why our Social and Emotional Learning workshops provide teen mental health resources to assist them in overcoming hardships in a positive way. To learn more, visit us at