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Tilly’s Life Center provides adolescents with the tools they need to navigate today’s world successfully. Our workshops are highly engaging, super valuable and teen approved-for real!

Full List of Standalone Workshops:

Tilly’s Life Center offers a variety of experiential workshops that are focused on social emotional topics. Each workshop can be easily implemented into a 40–60-minute time frame for a minimum of 15 and maximum of 40 students.

I Am CommunicatingIntroduction to effective communication techniques, focusing specifically on active listening and language skills.
I Am ConnectedExploring the negative impact of labeling and stereotyping. Through interactive activities partcipants will learn alternate positive perspectives and discover how to view others more compassionately.
I Am EnoughPartcipants are introduced to the concept of “inner critic” Vs “inner supporter “as well as exploring their own use of critical self-dialogue and. how "self-talk" is directly linked to emotions and outcomes.
I Am FeelingWhen we are faced with challenging emotions, we have a choice to take constructive action or react in unproductive ways. Through journaling activities parttcipants will gain a better understanding of how to manage these emotions.
I Am ForgivingPartcipants are introduced to techniques that will help them move past resentment and hurt feelings while move towards forgiveness and letting go.
I Am GratefulPartcipantss practice expressing gratitude and are encouraged to identify the things they have in their life that they are grateful for
I Am MotivatedPartcipants gain insight into their short and long-term goals through journaling and creative visualization while exploring action steps to get and stay motivated.
I Am My Own EconomistPartcipants will explore their core beliefs about money while becoming familiar with practices that will assist them in promoting financial awareness and responsibility.
I Am My Social Media FootprintParticipants will explore social media usage and how it influences their life while becoming skilled at identifying the benefits and consequences of online social networking.
I Am on My PathPartcipants explore their strengths and how those strengths would benefit them in their chosen career.
I Am Part of the Solution (for younger teens)Provides parrtcipants with the definition of each role that is played out in a bullying scenario and through “role play” they begin to understand the dynamics of each role.
I Am PeacefulTLC will present five stress reduction techniques we call “Take Five.” These tools can be implemented easily into a daily routine or used when feeling the effects of stress.
I Love My ANTeaterParticipants will identify "specific" counterproductive thought patterns (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and are given the opportunity to reflect on which patterns they may currently be stuck in.
This is My Brain on LoveThrough an art activity and creative visualization partcipants will actively experience the physical and emotional benefits of feeling positive emotions.
Who Am IParticipants will learn to identify challenging belief systems, positive thoughts, and how to reframe thinking towards an affirmation of self-worth while simultaneously exploring a “different perspective.”
I Am Kind (great for groups that know each other)Participants experience the positive effects of being kind and compassionate.

TLC Themed Workshop Series

We took some of our best and packaged them into our themed workshop-series. Each series contains four interactive workshops that are sequenced and can be implemented into a 40–60-minute time frame for a minimum of 15 and maximum of 40 students.

Positive MindsetExploring an optimistic and constructive outlook that focuses on possibilities, growth, and solutions rather than dwelling on challenges or setbacks.1. Who Am I?
2. I Am Forgiving
3. I Am Enough
4. I Am Happy
Exploring PurposeInvolves a reflective journey to discover one's motivations, values, and meaningful goals while aiming to align one's actions with a sense of personal significance and fulfillment.1. I Am One of a Kind
2. I Am Motivated
3. I Am On my Path
4. I Am Building a Superhighway to Success
Good Decision MakingUnderstanding the thoughtful and informed process of choosing the most appropriate course of action among available options, considering relevant information, potential consequences, and aligning with one's goals and values.1. I Am Brain Healthy
2. I Am Solving a Problem
3. I Am Choosing
4. I Am Asking for Help
Community - PhilanthropyOffers participants a community mindset through philanthropic activities. Through interactive activities partcipants will learn alternate positive perspectives and discover how to view others more compassionately.1. I Am Connected
2. I Am a Peaceful Warrior
3. I Am Part of the Community
4. I Am My Social Media Footprint
Stress ManagementParticipants learn effective stress-reduction tools and how practicing mindfulness can significantly contribute to stress reduction and management.1. I Am Peaceful
2. I Am Feeling
3. I Am Communicating
4. I Am Getting My Zzzzz’s

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