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For the 3rd Annual TLC Summer Institute. Participants become TLC Certified Educators.

TLC Teen Workshops Ongoing
Schools can enroll in our Onsite Programming for the 2024-2025 school year

Workshop Topics:

  • Managing Challenging Emotions
  • Effective Communication
  • Adopting a Positive Mindset
  • Stress Management
  • Exploring Purpose
  • Good Decision Making
  • Building Self Esteem
Tilly’s Life Center has over 11 years of hands-on experience working exclusively with adolescents and their educators:










About the Program

“I Am Me”

Teens are facing problems that are universal, affecting them at every socioeconomic level and in every community. Even in supportive environments, teenagers face confusion and uncertainty in life.

The Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) “I Am Me” SEL program teaches life skills that build confidence, inspire compassion, and encourages adolescents to pursue their dreams.

Our CASEL aligned curriculum targets the life skills that are critical to adolescent self-development and increased EQ during a time in a young person’s life when they are most vulnerable. Through consistent application, they develop intrinsic motivation, meaningful purpose, and become more independent, proactive and solution oriented – core competencies adolescents need to successfully transition to adulthood.

Some topics include:

Forgiving and Giving


Transitioning from being Dependent on Hospital Care




Drugs and Alcohol






Motivation and Purpose





How it works

TLC’s “I Am Me” Curriculum includes (48) interactive lessons that are divided into (4) phases with (12) lessons per phase. Every lesson provides approximately (60) minutes of highly engaging content, which can easily be adapted to shorter or longer sessions.


The “I Am Me” Program was designed to be developmentally sequenced, therefore the progression and frequency of how the lessons are delivered will affect desired outcomes.
Best practice is to implement throughout the entire academic year, integrating as a weekly practice/activity.


*TLC can be modified and tailored for the specific needs of your schedule and academic scope.

How to Get “I Am Me” to Your Learning Community

For Youth

TLC “I Am Me” Onsite

Southern California Only


Our TLC Facilitated Program is the best option for schools that want an impactful SEL solution NOW. Invest in your school’s SEL development by having our trained TLC Facilitators join you onsite to deliver our “I Am Me” Curriculum. Let us partner with you to create sustainable wellness initiatives on your campus.


*“I Am Me” Onsite includes TLC Facilitator, up to (48) lessons from our “I Am Me” catalogue & Student Facing Materials.

TLC “I Am Me” Virtual


Modeled after our “I Am Me” Onsite program, our Virtual Program provides online learners with an interactive & live platform to experience our SEL programming.


Our “Virtual” course includes (25) lessons delivered live by our trained TLC Facilitators through our TLC Educator Institute Platform.


*TLC- Virtual includes TLC Facilitator, Education TLC Educator Institute Platform, and (25) interactive lessons from our “I Am Me’ catalogue.

TLC Workshop Series


Looking to lead schoolwide initiatives that create a SEL foundation for the entire school? TLC will work with your educational leaders to customize a scope, sequence and timeline for your specific workshop, workshop series or assemblies that offer schoolwide initiatives. Workshop Series can be modified and customized to meet the needs of your students, educators and scheduling demands.


Virtual or onsite options available.


*TLC- Workshops” include TLC Facilitator & Student Facing Materials.

For Adults

TLC SEL “I Am Me” Educator Certification


Our TLC Educator Certification gives educators access to 48 lessons from our “I Am Me” Curriculum – a holistic, systemic and easy-to-apply curriculum that gives educators practical methods to apply SEL practices to their classroom. Teachers, staff and administrators cannot be experts in everything – our program provides them with the confidence to imbed and integrate wellness techniques into their content expertise.


Certification Requirements:


Complete one (8) or two (4) hour live interactive trainings


Certification Includes:

Unlimited licensing for use of ``I Am Me`` Curriculum

Access to TLC branded classroom supplies and student facing course materials

Ongoing Coaching Support

Membership to TLC’s SEL Community of Practice Events & Digital Community

Join our TLC Family and become a TLC Certified Educator today!

Adult SEL Education & Professional Development

Our TLC Communities of Practice provide educators with a space to develop and practice social emotional skills outside the sphere of their district or school community. TLC creates a safe space to allow educators to experience and benefit from the EQ social-emotional practices that are being offered to students. There are ongoing events throughout the year that can be accessed on our calendar. We are also able to organize workshops or facilitate a community of practice based on your needs.


Virtual or onsite options available

If TLC is your JAM, continue your SEL journey with us by becoming a trained TLC Facilitator or a TLC Certified Educator.


*Pricing upon request – here

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