Student PSA – Ocean View High School – Teens Think Twice

In the PSA, “Teens Think Twice,” Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) students, at Ocean View High School, demonstrate to teens how to pause and think a situation through instead of making a snap decision that could change their life forever, and not in a good way. Who wants severe and negative consequences, because they did not think twice?  No thanks!!!

Being a teen can be tough, because the need to belong is real and peer pressure doesn’t happen the way it does in the movies. Sometimes peer pressure happens in subtle ways like friends want to get high, or want to ditch class to play video games.  For whatever reason, it’s hard to speak up, and say, “no,” or go to class when everyone else is ditching.

Trust your gut, ask questions, talk it out and learn stress management techniques, like meditation, to clarify values and what’s important in life and what’s not?

These are real strategies to successfully navigate through the tough situations, teen culture and the world.

Good decisions make for a great future. Choose YOU, and “Think Twice!”