The Importance of Our Mental Health | TLC

What’s more important than our mental health? Absolutely nothing.

It’s the greatest asset we have. Until recently, we’ve been really busy, sometimes running so fast, not seeing what’s right in front of us.

Honestly, during this time there are a lot of people struggling, some have lost jobs, some have lost loved ones, and many are faced with intense feelings of anger, isolation, depression, and anxiety. It’s important for us to remember, we’re all experiencing different realities, and for some, it is difficult to even comprehend what is happening.  We’re all living through an extraordinary time, that is challenging and leaving us to face unknown territories.  One of these challenges may be dealing with mental health issues.  For mental wellness:  it’s critical to speak up, reach out, and be honest about seeking professional help, when needed.

With all the chaos happening around us and our unfinished business popping up every four minutes like bread slices in a toaster, we’re realizing, as we take a good look in the mirror, the only real constant we have is ourselves.

We’re having to pull every tool out of our tool box and apply. To keep our feet planted firmly on the ground, we need a good nights’ sleep, to interact with others, to eat well, move our bodies, and put our faces to the sun.  Some are finding purpose in volunteering, and many of us can’t go a single day without a good dose of humor.

We’re adapting, trying new things like keeping calm, family zoom calls, going to the grocery store dressed as bandits, yoga, baking, sewing masks, and attending virtual meetings and classes. We’re reading again, playing with our kids, and practicing meditation. We’re reaching out and crossing boundaries to have conversations and connect with people in totally new ways.

We’re helping neighbors and friends…from a distance.  I mean whoever thought a friend driving by would be the highlight of your week? We’re showing up for our family and relying on each other for resources and new ways of being.

What’s more important than our mental health? Absolutely nothing. We’re becoming innovative with ways to boost our morale.  We’re breathing deeper, listening to more music, having dance parties by ourselves, and being creative in ways that we never have before. We’re learning new things about ourselves and our loved ones. We’re saying no to things that don’t feel good.  The truth is, we may look back and see this time as a total reset.  It may be called the “The Great Pause.” The time the world stood still, like a good Twilight Zone episode.

Ironically some of us are busier than ever. And yet we can’t help but slow down and reprioritize what really matters. Our old ways of thinking and old ways of being, are falling off of us like a set of clothing that no longer fits. Anything that we haven’t faced is front and center. The gift we’ve been given, is to make peace with everything we can, including ourselves.

And our first priority is our well-being and that of everyone we know and love.  That includes everyone. This is why Tilly’s Life Center (or SEL) is so important. We teach the very foundation from which everything grows. We are being given the opportunity to listen more, communicate better, solve new problems, and feel grateful every day.  To practice peace, overcome fear, become aware of our feelings, and ask for what we need.  We need to learn to ask for help, to be kind, to be loving,  patient, to grow, and to share these essential life principles with as many people as we can. This is the opportunity. This is what matters.

We have what it takes to come out of this better than when we came in.  If we choose, we can be more compassionate, more understanding, collaborate creatively, and lead with our strength and passion.

Remember, there’s never been a more important time to think good thoughts, focus on what you want, to reflect on what’s important, and to show up for ourselves and others.  What’s more important than your mental health? Absolutely nothing.

By Guest Author Stefanie Dumont, TLC Lead Facilitator, Executive and Empowerment Coach