Young teen receiving a self-care gift for the holidays.

Our Favorite Self-Care and Mental Health Gifts for Teens

As the holiday season arrives, it’s time to start thinking about productive gifts to help teens thrive. This time of year creates the perfect opportunity to offer helpful, happy gifts that serve as teen mental health resources to help reduce stress and encourage a more calm, positive, and healthy life! So, to make your shopping list simpler this year, we have curated a list of our top picks for self-care gifts for every type of teen. Keep reading to find out what to stuff your teens’ stockings with this season.

The Creative

Tapping into creativity is one of the best ways to nurture emotional wellness. Using artistic expression like painting or creative writing helps promote positive emotions like gratitude, while fostering mindfulness. Gifting tools like personal journals and art supplies is a fantastic way to help the teen in your life process their feelings in a productive way.

The Worrier

For the stressed teen in your life, gadgets can be just the thing they need! Anti-stress and anxiety fidget gadgets or “worry rings” have moving components to help teens work out their angst in a productive way. Another option is stress balls (or stress dough) which can help them relax and relieve stress or anger in a helpful way. To help create a calming environment for them to escape to, there are endless gift ideas that can elevate the chill factor in their living space, like essential oil diffusers, special lighting, or indoor terrariums.

The Academic

For the life-long learner, subscriptions are likely the perfect fit. Meditation, audiobook, or app subscriptions for their interests can help them engage in the activities that interest them while learning something new. A subscription to a gentle exercise app gets them moving, while music, podcast, and book subscription apps can give them the chance to learn useful coping skills and unplug.

The Sleeper

Getting restorative sleep is essential for teens’ overall well-being. A weighted blanket or sleep sack can make them feel hugged all night long, letting them lie down and feel the stress melt away. Pair with a massage tool or a sound machine to offer the full-sensory self-care gift experience. Don’t forget, meditation apps with sleep stories can be an excellent way to help teens with trouble sleeping find their perfect snooze.

The Experimenter

For teens that are a little more adventurous, there is no better gift than an experience! Whether it is a gift card for tai chi classes or a pass to a national park for a day of hiking, there are plenty of options to provide your teen with new and exciting restorative activities. If they’re a self-proclaimed foodie, they might like to try out a cooking class or look forward to new flavors from a healthy meal subscription box. Getting outside and working with nature can also be truly therapeutic, which is why a plant or sand garden that requires a little TLC can be an engaging way to get them involved in a daily activity that keeps them calm.

At Tilly’s Life Center, we believe that offering tools to teens to reduce stress and cope with life’s challenges can be a productive and positive way to change their lives for the better. Our mission is to provide teen mental health resources through our social emotional learning curriculum. To learn more, visit us at