TLC Spotlight: Patty Brewer

TLC Spotlight: Patty Brewer Fountain Valley High School

One of our favorite aspects of the TLC program is getting to work with high school teachers in local districts, to help them implement Social Emotional learning (SEL) into their own classrooms! Our partner teachers help us spread the TLC, message and make it possible for us to reach even more teens. Please meet Patty Brewer, one of our most valued partners and an all-around extraordinary human.


Can you please describe what you do?

For the last 19 years I’ve taught English at the Freshman level, English 1. Currently I teach “Mindset for Success” where I prepare the students to become as organized as possible with teaching them various organizational skills, preparing them for successful years ahead in high school and of course working with our wonderful Tilly’s Life Center group! I also currently teach the leadership classes for ASB and Senate.


How have you seen TLC’s lessons impact your students?

I’ve watched their confidence levels and self-empowerment improve tremendously over the course of this year. It’s been heartwarming to see that happen over time.


How can parents support their kids who are struggling with social or emotional issues?

I would say just by simply listening to their kids and not offering anything more than a sympathetic ear for what they are going through. Too often I think people want to try and fix problems instead of just trying to listen to what’s going on to lend a caring ear. Just listening and offering a safe place for kids can go a long way in helping. Not making them feel that they are in trouble or different in any way for what they are feeling can really mean a lot to a student struggling with whatever they have going on.


What is your favorite part about teaching?

I would say watching “the light goes on” in their head and on their faces when they finally understand a concept that was foreign or difficult for them to grasp. Seeing them make a connection with the material to something in their lives that is more relatable is always a cool moment to see in the students. Any unit or lesson we are learning is a chance to make that connection so it’s not always obvious when something will finally “click”. When that lightbulb finally comes on you can really see it in their face and it’s an amazing feeling to share that with the students! It makes them feel proud, makes me feel great, and it’s probably one of my favorite things about teaching.


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