Adapting to Virtual Learning

As the new school year fast approaches, many teens will be returning to an online classroom. It can be really difficult learning everything from home, with no teachers there to help or friends to lean on. As their parent, it’s extremely important that you support them while they are adapting to this whole new virtual lifestyle. 

While they can handle the day-to-day work, you can set them up for success by helping them with the rest. Preparing them in the beginning of the year will get them started on the right foot, and really make a difference in their lives. It will also give them the tools they will need in the future, as we see more and more companies opting for work-from-home employees. Here are some tips on how you can help your teen succeed in the virtual classroom.

Supplied and Prepared

Make sure your teen has all the supplies they need. One of the joys of going back to school is shopping for school supplies. Just because they are in online classes does not mean they shouldn’t get all that they need. Have them pick out the school supplies they like, even a new pencil case can make a huge difference. Once they have everything this will give them the right attitude to take on this year like it was any other.

Work-Station Setup

Set up an in-room office for your teen to work from. Sitting on the bed or couch is simply not a great place to be when trying to stay focused on online classes. Setting up their desk as if they were in the classroom will help them get the feel of school in their own room. The physical feeling of sitting in a desk will really change how they study and participate in online classes. They will also feel much more adult since they know that most parents are also having the same set up. This will help their overall mentality and preparedness for their studies.

Schedule for Success

It is really important that they have a set schedule that you both can follow. They should have the normal morning routine of waking up, showering, eating breakfast, and then “going off to school”. This will really help their mindset of being in school again and not just studying from their bedroom. 

Work Positively

One of the keys to success is a positive attitude, in all things. Do your best to keep them positive during this tough time, because they will definitely miss being at school (even if they won’t admit it). Try to keep them pepped up with fun lunch breaks and activities outside so they can get some fresh air and give their brains a break. This can make a huge difference in their overall abilities to withstand the long days of work ahead. 

The more your teen feels they are in school the better, it is too easy to get lost in home life and get stuck. The key is that they are happy and get the feeling of being in a classroom even though they are not. All you can do is be there for them and help them prepare early on so they are ready for whatever pops up. And if you’re looking for any extra help, we at TLC are here for you, offering our Virtual Social & Emotional Learning Workshops. These online SEL classes give your teen the support they need to manage anxiety, deal with crises and help them achieve their full potential. We hope this was helpful, and hope you all have a great year ahead of you – good luck!